Drum roll, please

Sorry I have gotten so far behind in my updates!  I went to Beverly Hills on July 22 and got to take some before and after photos.  Here are some PG-13 versions:

I am astounded by my results.  I can stare at these photos for hours (not in a egotistical way, but more in a holy crap, that’s really my body way).   The cosmetic results have far exceeded my expectations.  I’ll update more later on all the non-cosmetic benefits.

No trip to see Dr. Emer is complete without a selfie!


Success on the Scale! Finally!

IMAG00143 1

June 13

I can’t believe I am sharing this publicly… When I had surgery a few years ago, I made them write my weight on paper and not say it out loud in front of my boyfriend.  It’s no secret I’m a “big girl,” but only from the waist down.

I should share that lipedema fat cannot be lost with diet or exercise.  For years, I would count calories and nothing. I wouldn’t lose a single pound.  I got very discouraged.  At many points in my life, I figured if I can’t lose weight, I might as well eat what I want and be fat and happy.  My weight gain wasn’t gradual.  It was always in 20 pound increments all the sudden.  And then I would maintain that weight for years.

[Now I know it isn’t caloric restriction that is important for people with lipedema but rather the kinds of food.  An anti-inflammatory way of eating (like Paleo) is essential.  I was eating Lean Cuisines, drinking diet coke, booze and 100-calorie snack packs.  My calories were fine, my nutrition was awful.  And no, I wasn’t gouging in the closet either.]

To add insult to injury, about five years ago I was misdiagnosed with hyperthyroidism and put on medication to slow down my thyroid.  I even questioned the doctor as typically hyperthyroidism is found in skinny people.  I would expected hypo but not hyper.  I gained 40 pounds in 6 weeks.   It was awful.  I have not been able to lose the weight.

My high was 238 (did I say that out loud?!) I lost 15 pounds through hCG a year and half ago.  And before you jump  into the “that’s quackery” bandwagon, I did this through a very well respected physician and nutritionist who modified the program to be healthy.  I detoxed before starting and my fat loading wasn’t oreos and fried chicken but rather avocados, nuts and other healthy fats.  Check out this article:  http://wholehealthchicago.com/2012/08/27/the-hcg-diet-actually-works/

I maintained the weight loss for a year and half through a mostly Paleo way of eating (I would lose 5 pounds while eating Paleo… Could gain it back when I fell off the wagon, that pesky inflammation that lipedema feeds off.)

Going into surgery, I weighed 220.  I immediately lost 15 pounds (Dr. Jason Joel Emer took out ALOT during those 3 surgeries). And even with traveling, feeling sick, and more cheat days than I should, I’ve lost an additional 5 pounds. I know I am one of the lucky ones and am extremely grateful.

Even better than the scale is that nothing fits!  Happy dance!!!

Whew!  That was a hard post to write!

Florida Sunshine Makes Me Smile

WP_20150606_001 WP_20150606_002

June 6

I’m in St. Petersburg to teach at the Florida Orthopaedic Society and decide to make a weekend of it!

No compression, in a swimsuit, laying out by the pool. Almost 5 weeks since last surgery!  And yes, I’m wearing sunscreen.  Elta MD is perhaps the best sunscreen I’ve ever used!  Check it out at http://eltamd.com/product/uv-clear-broad-spectrum-spf-46/

How Low Can You Go?


June 1

Quote from Tony my trainer… “I didn’t know you could go so low….”. I’ve worked with Tony for 1.5 years now and today was the first day I could do any kind of squat due to my knees. Granted I was holding on to a bar for support. It hurt a little but bearable. I figure it will take some time to fix my gait that will reverse the chondromalcia in my knees. I’m well on my way! Happy dance!