How Low Can You Go?


June 1

Quote from Tony my trainer… “I didn’t know you could go so low….”. I’ve worked with Tony for 1.5 years now and today was the first day I could do any kind of squat due to my knees. Granted I was holding on to a bar for support. It hurt a little but bearable. I figure it will take some time to fix my gait that will reverse the chondromalcia in my knees. I’m well on my way! Happy dance!

3 Weeks Post-Op


May 26

Today is 3 weeks from my last surgery and I’m doing great! The bruising is almost gone. I can take full showers without getting lightheaded. I am back to sleeping on my side (with pillows between my knees). I am no longer getting up a gazillion times to pee (last night I didn’t get up at all!). I still have swelling (to be expected for months to come). I am still sore and tight but getting better. What has helped significantly is a lymphatic massage (combination of MLD and massage). That really loosened up those tight muscles especially in my hamstrings.. But huge caution… Do *NOT* get a regular massage. It will cause swelling and bruising (I had someone lie to me about their credentials…) That set me back. Sitting is still the devil. But after I walk around for a little bit, I’m better. I wrap my feet at night to reduce the swelling and frankly my ankles feel so refreshed after wrapping them.

I went back to the gym last week. I’m traveling for work. I did get bronchitis and have had a cough for 2 weeks (everything is fine… Had a chest x-ray and lungs are fine…) just a nasty viral thing that is taking its time leaving me. It’s tapering down but has taken a huge toll on me.

I’m fortunate that I did lose 15 pounds after surgery and have maintained that loss. I hope as I buckle back down and eat Paleo 99% of the time I will see more results. I never lost my appetite during this and was eating more comfort foods..I’m wearing clothes I haven’t been able to wear in a long time. But the most important things…. My feet don’t hurt when I walk long distances. My knees are getting better (I still think I have some gait retraining to do). I’ve been able to squat lower than I could pre surgery. I think my hamstrings are still too tight to see the full results. I am very happy with my progress so far and it’s so early! Thanks Dr. Jason Joel Emer!

Back to the Gym (Finally!)

IMAG00110 1 IMAG00108 1

May 22

Back to the gym 2.5 weeks post-op and recovering from bronchitis.  The cough/cold didn’t get any better and a trip to the doctor earned me a chest x-ray. Bad timing on my part. The bronchitis was unrelated to surgery…

Selfies with my trainers Tony. Yes, I have two trainers.  And both of their names are Tony.

Check them out:

And yo-yo is my name-0!

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Livin' Lippy

How long do you think we can keep up the retro toy theme? We have been challenged by a friend to work in Rubik’s cubes and lawn darts. Man, were those things dangerous. I think they were created as a way to thin the population. And I had them as a child. Yep, I hurtled long pieces of solid metal across my yard in an attempt to hit a hula hoop laying on the ground. Sounds like hours of fun in an ER huh?!?

Anyhoo….back to reason of my post. This isn’t about yo-yo dieting.I had yo-yo acceptance. I bounced back and forth from accepting this diagnosis to flat out denying it.
I guess I should start back to the ending of my last post. I found this blog where this woman had Lipedema. I read her entire blog in one night. I then googled lipedema until there was no…

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I Feel Like a New Person

May 17

I feel like a new person! So I’ve shared with ya’ll that my ankles swelled up after sitting in an office chair on Monday. I got MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) on Tuesday and Wednesday and felt better. Swelling still there but felt lighter. Well on Friday I over did it, taking a 45 min train ride into NYC and then walking around for awhile. By the end of the night, I could barely bend my legs. So tight. Got MLD yesterday and felt really good. Well today I gamble and ask the hotel spa if any of therapists do MLD (although not on their menu of services). There was a therapist who did. She did “lymphatic massage” which is a different technique than MLD. She understood the lymphatics and gently pumped in those places but then she massaged my tight spots (which meant my entire leg). It was very uncomfortable while she was doing it but let me tell you… Holy smokes my legs feel AMAZING. I can tell the difference between the two legs (one I was like softer please… Now I wish I would have toughed it out). She was commenting on how tight my muscles were (they are) and working on them. All I can say is wow. And now I’m sad she isn’t working tomorrow as I leave this hotel and move to my next destination. My legs barely feel like I’ve had surgery. They are loose and light! I feel the urge to run, and I’m not a runner!!!

Back to Teaching!

IMAG00100 1

May 15 – Ten days post-op and not only did I fly, I taught a workshop!  It was great to be on my feet… so much better than sitting!  The only thing that bothered me was a cough!  I caught a cold!  My honey was able to travel with me and I recruited him to help out.

After teaching in New Jersey, we decided to hop a train to NYC.

IMAG00103 1

Look at my compression suspenders handing out here!

We walked around Times Square, grabbed some dinner and headed back.

The 45 minute train ride may have been a little much for me.  Sitting is evil.  And after the teaching adrenal wore off, I was feeling crummy.  Stupid cold.

My First Post-Op Photo Revealed


May 14 –

16 days post op on my calves. The left one is more bruised and swollen because I had a suitcase dropped on it. Otherwise they are feeling great. 9 days post op on the thighs. I was a late onset bruiser despite Arnica. Where the busies are is where I’m super tight and sore. So happy with my progress!

And speaking of progress…. Success! A full shower washing my hair and shaving my legs and it was warm and with the door closed. Woo hoo. I’m am back to normal! Well in the shower department.

A Good Problem to Have

IMAG00087 1

I have a huge problem… I started packing for my business trip and I don’t have any clothes that fit! My (custom made) pants are falling off of me!!!! I am beyond elated. Luckily I have a couple of others that will make do… One pair that had gotten too tight in the waist as my lipedema started spiraling out of control in my abdomen are too big too but not as bad. I also weighed myself and I’ve lost at least 15 pounds from before my surgery. And tonight no issues in the shower! ‪#‎Success!!!! Thank you Dr. Jason Joel Emer

Happy Dance

IMAG00131 2

May 13

I am beyond elated. So I had bought this gorgeous Escada blazer a few years back. Since it was 85% off (thank you Century 21 in NYC) and they only had a few sizes, I opted for the smaller size thinking I’d lose a few pounds. This is before I knew I had lipedema and before my arms mushroomed. I pulled it out tonight and it fits! Now I just need to get the arms shortened and we are in business. I might even be able to wear it Friday when I teach. So thrilled!!!! I have my arms back!!!!! Thanks Dr.Jason Joel Emer