I Feel Like a New Person

May 17

I feel like a new person! So I’ve shared with ya’ll that my ankles swelled up after sitting in an office chair on Monday. I got MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) on Tuesday and Wednesday and felt better. Swelling still there but felt lighter. Well on Friday I over did it, taking a 45 min train ride into NYC and then walking around for awhile. By the end of the night, I could barely bend my legs. So tight. Got MLD yesterday and felt really good. Well today I gamble and ask the hotel spa if any of therapists do MLD (although not on their menu of services). There was a therapist who did. She did “lymphatic massage” which is a different technique than MLD. She understood the lymphatics and gently pumped in those places but then she massaged my tight spots (which meant my entire leg). It was very uncomfortable while she was doing it but let me tell you… Holy smokes my legs feel AMAZING. I can tell the difference between the two legs (one I was like softer please… Now I wish I would have toughed it out). She was commenting on how tight my muscles were (they are) and working on them. All I can say is wow. And now I’m sad she isn’t working tomorrow as I leave this hotel and move to my next destination. My legs barely feel like I’ve had surgery. They are loose and light! I feel the urge to run, and I’m not a runner!!!

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