And yo-yo is my name-0!

Here is another blog from some other lipedema sisters!

Livin' Lippy

How long do you think we can keep up the retro toy theme? We have been challenged by a friend to work in Rubik’s cubes and lawn darts. Man, were those things dangerous. I think they were created as a way to thin the population. And I had them as a child. Yep, I hurtled long pieces of solid metal across my yard in an attempt to hit a hula hoop laying on the ground. Sounds like hours of fun in an ER huh?!?

Anyhoo….back to reason of my post. This isn’t about yo-yo dieting.I had yo-yo acceptance. I bounced back and forth from accepting this diagnosis to flat out denying it.
I guess I should start back to the ending of my last post. I found this blog where this woman had Lipedema. I read her entire blog in one night. I then googled lipedema until there was no…

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