The Joys of Post-Op

May 6

Todays tip… (depending on you and your doctors orders) Plan on taking 1.5 – 2 hours to get ready for your post-op visit. Taking off the compression garment day 1 can cause many to get light headed. It did me today. Steps to getting ready… Drink water, Take off compression… Take off bandages (eww), feel light headed, lie down for a bit, drink water, muster up energy to take lukewarm shower, drink water while in shower, stop and start a few times, drink more water, lie down after shower, crank down a/c, bandage leaky areas, find mystery leaky area (that’s a new one today). Luckily I’m across the street and don’t have to put on compression garments. Get dressed. Drink more water. This message sent while lying down after shower. Been working at this process for over an hour!

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