The Final Surgery!

IMAG00065 2

May 5 – I am done! Third surgery today with the amazing and awesome Dr. Jason Joel Emer! Today was circumferential thighs, hips and lower butt. For me, this was the most painful of surgeries but if I remember correctly he said I had some pretty tough nodules in there. 8 hrs after surgery I was off the pain meds and am barely taking Tylenol. I am leaking like crazy but leaking is good.

I’m much better prepared this go round. Shower curtain liner, waterproof pillowcases (the first ones I bought weren’t) a few protector pads, black towels and a black floor mat for the bathroom. Also wearing all black (you can’t see the leakage!). Feeling really good and looking forward to tomorrow getting out and about. The hardest part for me so far have been showers. I get light headed easily pre- surgery. My advice is to take the most lukewarm shower possible, keep the door open (my bathroom doesn’t have a fan) and a bottle of water nearby. It’s worse on the days I wash my hair… Otherwise, I’m just a bit sore. Funny after having my thighs done today, my calves miraculously feel pretty back to normal.. Arms by far the easiest to heal.

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