Why surgery? Why now?

I was diagnosed with chondromalcia in my knees a few years back. I asked my Ortho doc at the time what could cause it and he said overuse…. It’s a condition typically found in athletes and here I had it in my 30s. My knees make clicking noises when I climb stairs. I lost 20 pounds but still no relief. I went to PT and still nothing. I avoid stairs and when I do have to take them, I look like an 80 year old lady rather than an otherwise healthy 40 year old. I went to a conference back in September and Dr. Stutz in Germany talked about the gait issues that lipedema patients face and how liposuction for lipedema can help to avoid future joint replacements. My decision for liposuction was sealed!

Here is an article from the esteemed Dr. Stutz:  Stutz JJ Liposuction for Lipedema to Prevent Later Joint Complications English

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