I chose a surgeon!

After much research and consideration, I chose Dr. Jason Joel Emer atJason Emer, MD in Beverly Hills, CA for my surgeries. I had met Dr. Emer at the Fat Disorders Research Society, Inc. conference back in September and we really clicked. Having a good relationship with your doctor is important and I felt Dr. Emer could give my high maintenance self (yep, I just said it!) the type of support and extra attention that I need. Although my # 1 priority was ridding myself of the pesky lipedema fat that causes me pain and limits my mobility, I figured if I was spending this kind of money and going through this type of surgery, I also wanted it look good! A friend I met at the FDRS conference had surgery with Dr. Emer and had wonderful things to say and Dr. Emer’s reviews on RealSelf were spectacular. I was also impressed with Dr. Emer’s training and education. He trained at great institutions under leaders in his field. I will say, due to my career, I am very particular about who I seek medical treatment from. I was initially hesitant about choosing a dermatologic surgeon. But I was enlightened that it was a dermatologist who invented tumescent liposuction and liposuction is part of their training program. My choice was set. And I’m so happy that I did. You may be wondering, why would I chose a surgeon in Beverly Hills to do my surgery? There are a limited number of surgeons in the U.S. who even know what lipedema is, much less treats it. I had to go to Tucson, AZ to get my diagnosis! I am beyond grateful that I have the opportunity and means to do make this all happen. I borrowed money from my 401(k) and have 5 years to pay it back. It was a great interest rate and a good way for me to finance the surgeries and the expense of travel, hotel, etc.

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