Beverly Hills Bound!

April 27 – we arrive in Beverly Hills. If you have never been to LAX, please keep in mind it’s a pretty awful airport. It’s old and dirty and gross. I felt like I needed a shower after being there! I am lucky to have a colleague out here who volunteered to pick us up from the airport. Richard, my amazing boyfriend, accompanied me for over half of my 11 day journey. We settled into the hotel, went for a late lunch and then to my pre-op appointment. This is where the doctor physically examined me since I was out of town and had only seen pictures of me.  I signed my consent forms, and got my prescriptions for pain meds. (they can’t be called in). Well there must be a narcotics crisis in Beverly Hills because we had to go to three pharmacies to get them filled! I felt like such the drug seeker! In our quest for drugs, we wandered down Rodeo Drive and the surrounding areas. I’m only a few blocks from there.

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