As I’m waiting to have surgery…

After my diagnosis of lipedema, I started wearing compression and taking some supplements. I did find compression moderately help with the pain, I was able to ascend stairs a tiny bit better than I had in the past.. but wearing compression is hot and bulky under clothes. The vasculera that Dr. Herbst prescribed for me made me pee alot and was making my stomach more squishy. I went in for MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) whenever my schedule felt good but I wasn’t shrinking. I didn’t retain fluid like many others. I routinely don’t swell (I count myself fortunate). Although I had been working out and eating a paleo diet, I wasn’t seeing much improvement in my appearance. Eating Paleo certainly made me feel better and significantly reduced the inflammation my body retained.. Honestly eating Paleo provided more relief than any of the other conservative treatments combined.

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