Happy, Happy!


11/8/15 – I was beaming from ear to ear last night (and not just because Alabama beat LSU!) I went to the game and we got there late and wasn’t able to park in our normal spot. We ended up parking further away than normal. I had a flashback of last season (pre surgery) and walking from that same location about did me in. Tears in my eyes because my feet hurt so bad. Friends tailgate in that area and I didn’t want to go because it was so far…. Last night when we got to the stadium, I said to my friend… Wow, that wasn’t as far as I remembered it. My feet never once hurt. And I got up three times to go to the bathroom (might have been the adult beverages I consumed to take the edge off a stressful game). See in the past I would never get up from my seat because the stairs hurt my knees so bad. My knees don’t hurt. My feet don’t hurt. And I was wearing brand new (and were slightly too big) rain boots (usually a recipe for feet hurting). Thanks to Jason Joel Emer for everything he has done for me. My life post surgery is beyond my wildest expectations!

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