Adios Beverly Hills!

Airplane - United (Bing)

May 8

Headed to the airport now! Can’t believe it’s been 11 days since I arrived. What a whirlwind! So happy for the great care and attention I received from Dr. Jason Joel Emer and his amazing team! Thrilled to have met so many other ladies with lipedema here and got to attend the So Cal Lippy Ladies Brunch! I also got to see an old high school buddy and had dinner with a colleague I hadn’t met in person. This trip was a success on so many fronts. Now I get to go home and sleep on sheets and not plastic! But first, the four hour flight! And yes, I was able to upgrade to first class (thanks to my boyfriends’ airline discount!!!!!) Just praying my seat mate isn’t a frequent bathroom goer. The initial standing up is still very sore.

Be careful at the airports ladies! The man behind me (who had no business being so close) dropped his suitcase on the side of my calf. I immediately buckled over and tears welled up in my eyes as I swear this hurt worse than surgery…. I haven’t looked at it yet but my foot immediately swelled. It HURTS! I have a few minutes and I’m in the United Club with my foot elevated. Damn him! And he barely said sorry….

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