Walk, Nap, Visit with Friends, Nap Some More…


May 1

Day 1 post-op from Surgery # 2… The torso and upper buttock surgery made me fairly sore. Using the bathroom is a challenge! I have to lean back and lower myself onto the toilet.  Think really sore after squats.  The only downside right now is that the surgeries make me tired.

After my post-op visit, we went for a late breakfast. Came back and took a nap. Met another lady with lipedema briefly in the hotel lobby. It’s so nice to put names and faces together!  Came back and took *another* nap. Then, went out to dinner with a high school friend. Getting in and out of a car isn’t fun. Sitting makes me sore. But to catch up with an old friend… priceless! Not too shabby for day 1 after 2 surgeries in one week!

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