Ding, Ding, Round 2 of Surgery

April 30 – day 2 post-op/Surgery # 2. I got up at 3:45 at the urging of my always on time boyfriend. My arrival time was 5 am. I didn’t think I needed that much time but once again he was right. Taking off the compression garment the first day felt like peeling skin. It was better today. But showering made me hot and light headed. Tip: Take the least lukewarm shower you can tolerate, have a bottle of water handy and keep the door open. The hotel we stayed at is a boutique hotel that’s an old carriage house. Read: Petite room with a tiny shower. I found myself turning the water on and off to lather up in the hibeclens. My ankle started leaking while getting ready so I had to wrap them with maxi pads. Yep. You wrap your incision points with maxi pads. Actually you tape maxi pads to the incision points that leak. But first you put aquephor and biocornuem (a scar cream) on the incisions. The incisions are small and look more like mosquito bites. So, it took me awhile to get ready and walk over to the surgery center. Thanks Richard for making me get up earlier than I would on my own… Although we did beat the surgery center staff. Walking without the compression feels weird. I am wearing head to toe compression….

Second surgery was circumferential torso and upper buttock. I have lipedema in my stomach and butt. I did have the back fat rolls removed (they were regular fat, but hey, when in Rome!). This surgery was much harder than the first. More so my back and butt/hips but followed the same trigger points as my fibromyalgia pain. These are places I ouch and squirm during a massage. They did give me some more meds during the surgery itself. But still very uncomfortable. Uncomfortable but not intolerable. No screaming or crying. Just more ouch, OMG, squirming and lalalalalalas.

I leaked immediately after this surgery. And was slightly more uncomfortable than the first surgery. But still a smile on my face when I left. The surgery center staff are great and wonderful and try to make me as comfortable as possible. I walked back to the hotel after surgery, took a pain pill and went to sleep. Woke up about 4 hrs later to pee, took another pain pill and back to sleep for about 5 more hours. Woke up with no need for pain meds and feeling pretty good. Just really sore.

Using the bathroom was a bit of challenge since my tummy and upper butt were so sore. But not impossible. TMI – the garment is crotchless for easy bathroom duty.

Less than 12 hours after surgery and I felt really good the rest of the day… Was upright… Paced the room a few times, answered emails, texts, FB messages. For the gross part, I had to change my dressings (maxi pads) as I had leaked a fair amount. Mostly the incision on the lower belly near the pubic area. It’s a tricky one to bandage due to the leg crease. You should “milk” your incision points as much as you can tolerate. (sorry friends for the detail, sharing my story for other ladies who will undergo this procedure).

I am leaking! Barely leaked with my arms and lower legs but my abdomen and upper buttocks do leak. I think it has already gotten better but I am wet and can feel it. Ewwww. I did pace the room and the hall to get some walking in… Lying flat on my back or propped up on pillows is the only comfortable position. On the plus side, lower legs feel pretty normal and arms feel great. I can lie down and bend my knees and lift my butt to relieve some pressure in my butt. Going to the bathroom is slightly uncomfortable as the tummy is sore but I manage with no problems. I can’t wait to see the results. Still VERY happy I have done this.

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