Tis the Season

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Tis the Season!  I write you today to ask for a $1, $5, $10, $100 donation to help fund scholarships for patients with lipedema and/or Dercum’s Disease to attend the Fat Disorders Research Society (FDRS) conference “Lipedema and Dercum’s: Goals for the Future and Tools for Today” April 28-30, 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Keynote speaker is world renowned Fat Disorder expert, Karen L. Herbst, MD, PhD. Topics to include surgical and non-surgical treatment options in managing both Lipedema and Dercum’s Disease.

Many patients who suffer from lipedema and/or Dercum’s Disease are no longer able to work and live on a limited fixed income.

FDRS does not want financial hardship to keep anyone from attending the annual conference. As such, they are offering a limited number of financial hardship scholarships to offset registration fees for the 2017 FDRS conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

FDRS needs our help to fund these financial assistance scholarships.  The registration fees are $175 and covers the expenses of the conference.  Your donation will help a patient attend the conference who would otherwise be unable to attend.

Click here to donate


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