8/14/15 – Today was the first day I taught a full day workshop since liposuction. I was on my feet for over 7 hours. Pre-lipo and pre-Paleo diet, my feet would be on fire, my back would hurt, my body ache. When it was over, I would waddle to dinner, take my shoes off, wimper a bit, then waddle back to my hotel room, run hot water over my feet, usually take a bath, and pass out since I was so lethargic. I would have trouble waking up the next morning since I was so wiped out. This all but went away when I shifted to a Paleo diet! Today, my feet barely hurt and I even had enough energy to go join some folks for drinks after dinner (in 6 years of doing this, I had never not gone back to my room after dinner.) Fast forward, after surgery… No pain, no aches, no lethargic feeling after teaching. And I hadn’t exactly been Paleo the week leading into the workshop.  Another surgery success!

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