Success on the Scale! Finally!

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June 13

I can’t believe I am sharing this publicly… When I had surgery a few years ago, I made them write my weight on paper and not say it out loud in front of my boyfriend.  It’s no secret I’m a “big girl,” but only from the waist down.

I should share that lipedema fat cannot be lost with diet or exercise.  For years, I would count calories and nothing. I wouldn’t lose a single pound.  I got very discouraged.  At many points in my life, I figured if I can’t lose weight, I might as well eat what I want and be fat and happy.  My weight gain wasn’t gradual.  It was always in 20 pound increments all the sudden.  And then I would maintain that weight for years.

[Now I know it isn’t caloric restriction that is important for people with lipedema but rather the kinds of food.  An anti-inflammatory way of eating (like Paleo) is essential.  I was eating Lean Cuisines, drinking diet coke, booze and 100-calorie snack packs.  My calories were fine, my nutrition was awful.  And no, I wasn’t gouging in the closet either.]

To add insult to injury, about five years ago I was misdiagnosed with hyperthyroidism and put on medication to slow down my thyroid.  I even questioned the doctor as typically hyperthyroidism is found in skinny people.  I would expected hypo but not hyper.  I gained 40 pounds in 6 weeks.   It was awful.  I have not been able to lose the weight.

My high was 238 (did I say that out loud?!) I lost 15 pounds through hCG a year and half ago.  And before you jump  into the “that’s quackery” bandwagon, I did this through a very well respected physician and nutritionist who modified the program to be healthy.  I detoxed before starting and my fat loading wasn’t oreos and fried chicken but rather avocados, nuts and other healthy fats.  Check out this article:

I maintained the weight loss for a year and half through a mostly Paleo way of eating (I would lose 5 pounds while eating Paleo… Could gain it back when I fell off the wagon, that pesky inflammation that lipedema feeds off.)

Going into surgery, I weighed 220.  I immediately lost 15 pounds (Dr. Jason Joel Emer took out ALOT during those 3 surgeries). And even with traveling, feeling sick, and more cheat days than I should, I’ve lost an additional 5 pounds. I know I am one of the lucky ones and am extremely grateful.

Even better than the scale is that nothing fits!  Happy dance!!!

Whew!  That was a hard post to write!

4 thoughts on “Success on the Scale! Finally!

  1. Congratulations! I’m thinking of travelling from Texas for surgery. How soon after we’re you able to travel?


  2. So happy for your successful surgery and recovery. Like you I am learning what foods my body needs. WW is not working anymore because it’s not about the calories. Still trying to wrap my head around it all but the pieces are coming together . Thank you for sharing your story.


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