Back to the Grind

Woman at desk - tame the chaos

May 11

First day back at work (last surgery was a week ago Tuesday). I have a home office set up with a desk and chair. Let me tell you sitting in the chair is evil (last surgery was thighs). You definitely want a chair that the seat goes all the way to the back of the knees (mine comes close). I can feel my feet swelling (and they haven’t been swollen all along). When I do stand to stretch it’s pretty sore/tight. Those first few steps are treacherous. If I only had that cushy bench that was in my hotel room, I think I would be much better! Frequent walking is key… hard for me since I have over 300 work e-mails, long phone calls, and 2 reports to write… I’m actually looking forward to teaching on Friday so at least I can stand for 3 hours!!!

Mentally going back to work today was great. I didn’t get tired like I had been and no nap today. My feet swelling is totally the result of sitting in an office chair. I’m just shy of 2 weeks out from lower leg surgery and today is first day they swelled.

On the shower front, I did the best today than I have done to date. Granted, I was freezing going into the shower so I’m sure that helped and no hair washing today. I’ll take it!

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